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Reduce Your Manufacturing Cycle Times

The automobile industry is highly competitive, and when it comes to ensuring consistency in the design and quality of your vehicles, you should never compromise. At Cerberus 3D Scanning, we partner with automobile manufacturers to help them lower their development costs and reduce their time to market.


  • Automate the inspection of your vehicle components and capture data from hard-to-reach areas at fast turnarounds.

  • Ensure the integrity of your parts and their conformity to your stringent quality control guidelines.

  • Shorten your manufacturing development cycle by reducing your artificial mapping time cost-effectively with reverse engineering solutions.

How We Can Help

  • Prototyping without modifying a current car:  Laser scanning allows us to capture a dense sampling of 3d points quickly. So we don't need to touch it to recreate the same model or modify an existing model to extend its limit.

  • Racing seats: By scanning drivers, we compare individual seating positions of different drivers on-screen, and by synchronizing the date, we make the perfect weighted seat. We also add additional comfort pads that give extra support to the drivers.

  • Roll cages: 3d model allow our engineers to iterate any design repeatedly to try different combinations to see what hits where and what interferes with what. This way, we optimized the roll cage for the car's body to get the best possible protection and make it good.

  • Aftermarket parts: These parts are too expensive in their origin. So we make them using our advanced technology which saves money and time. Custom parts are also available for any model.

  • Turn cars electric: Using 3d modelling and reverse engineering, we can provide convert vehicles functionality. It allows us to convert an ordinary manufactured vehicle into a modern electric car.

Image by Moheb Iskander


Mike is very enjoyable to work with and he's able to provide a service that is very helpful for what we do. What would normally take hours of modeling, comparing, remodeling, Mike is able to do in about half the time. 

Jesse Randall, Seven Star Marine Engineering

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