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Engineer Your Products With Accuracy

The design of any product is heavily dependent on geometric measurements, and the smallest of errors may lead to significant losses. At Cerberus 3D Scanning, we help engineering firms ensure the accuracy of their designs during manufacturing, understand the extent of wear in their parts and create maintenance plans based on accurate laser 3D scans.


  • Design perfectly fitting replacement or retrofit parts for your products.

  • Simplify your product designing process by 3d scanning existing components.

  • Create rapid prototypes of your final designs, and 3d scan them to detect flaws.


How We Can Help

  • Measuring complex objects quickly: Using the latest CAD software, we can quickly and efficiently turn the specific object or shape scanned data into CAD models to recreate components that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to measure.

  • Rapid prototyping: Using layered manufacturing techniques, Cerberus promptly fabricates an object's physical prototype. The rapid manufacturing techniques that we use enables complex-shaped parts to be produced directly from a computer model without conventional part-specific tooling or machining.

  • Concept generation: We always think about our customer's needs. Exploring the client's requirements, we make the design off of 3D scans perfectly to achieve the specific model. Concept gathering helps us to build more faster and accurately.

  • Digital Archive: The archive of knowledge is one of the key aspects of our manufacturing. Our 3d technology is suitable for any complex or old structure. So, we store or rebuild any historical or essential documents or proof for a long period using the digital archiving process.

  • Retrofitting: We provide excessive modification options to the older module using our advanced technology. Our retrofitting technology allows us to add extra features that have never been there and upgrade the old existing system.

  • Getting into hard-to-reach places with no human risk:  Our technology is so well advanced that we can go through any place and scan any complex object with no human risk.

Image by Moheb Iskander



Mike is very enjoyable to work with and he's able to provide a service that is very helpful for what we do. What would normally take hours of modeling, comparing, remodeling, Mike is able to do in about half the time. 

Jesse Randall, Seven Star Marine Engineering

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