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About US

Cerberus offers 3D measurements and top‑of‑the‑line engineering services. We work together as a team to make your dream design come true. Our product is production quality. Our 3d scanners are so advanced which are applied in various areas of marine, engineering, automotive, architectural, etc.

Cerberus helps companies fulfil optimized solutions to quality and efficiency and open up a vast territory for 3D digitization. Our technicians are well-versed in refurbishing, recreating, replicating, and modifying. Our Laser scanning ability accurately and quickly capture complex shapes and surfaces, which helps us record historic and landmark structures. We also customized productions like doors, windows, and metal with designs tailored to specific customers' needs using 3d technology. As we move forward, we will continually improve ourselves with our client's needs and satisfy them.

We Love What We Do

Our mission is simple, to minimize your measuring efforts, cut down on time, reduce waste and maximize your savings. We make this possible by giving you access to accurate measurements quickly and easily. As a result, you can inspect your parts, detect clashes in part dimensions before manufacturing non-destructively, and more.


Meet Our Founder Michael Barnes

Our 3D scanning and reverse engineering company is the vision of Michael "Ropey" Barnes. He has an experience of working in the Sailing Grand Prix industry for over 14 years. Driven by his passion for sailing and inclination to the technical aspects of racing, he has traveled the world and worked on some of the most cutting-edge yachts ever built.

Empowered by his teams' skill and workmanship, he leverages the wealth of knowledge and expertise in sailing, rigging, and 3D scanning along with his passion for sport to deliver an unparalleled quality of service.

Our Approach

Stage 1

Strategy Formulation

We take time to understand your measuring requirements and formulate a custom measuring strategy for your project based on the magnitude and complexity of your objects.


Stage 2


We carry out the actual 3D laser scanning process during this process using our high-definition scanners, which both have a resolution of 0.1mm.

Depending on the size of your object, we will either use our handheld scanner, which measures cubes or up to 10m, or our more sophisticated tripod scanner capable of measuring a 100m cube.


Stage 3

Post Processing

Once the scanning process is completed and we have collected all the information required, we bring it together, remove obstructions and clean up the scan. We will then create a file with the final scan data as a polygon mesh file.


Stage 4

Reverse Engineering

Once we have the mesh file, we import it into Design X. This reverse engineering software converts 3D scan data into a feature-based 3D model. Next, we will draw on top of the mesh to create a solid model to rebuild the part or recreate construction files.


Stage 5


We hand over the part file to you in a universal file format, and if you require it, we can manufacture it for you.

Our company can create molds for your parts, make them with a C.N.C machine or print 3D print them using various materials.

Image by Moheb Iskander


We utilized Cerberus’ scanning services several times in last few months to assist with the marketing of some of our auction sales. We have very tight turnaround times for our marketing needs and Cerberus was able to get us the 3D Tour of these facilities with 24 hours of taking the initial scans.


But maybe best of all, we have had prospective bidders contact us to comment on how useful this tool was in assisting their evaluations of the equipment they were considering buying. These are compliments that we do not receive very often! We are looking forward to utilizing Cerberus’ new drone technology in the near future as well. I would recommend Cerberus to anyone in need of 3D scanning and Virtual Tour videos.

Jesse Randall, Seven Star Marine Engineering

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