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Capture Every Detail

The architecture and construction industries are all about capturing even the finest of details and with our high-definition 3D laser scanning technology, we can make it possible. Cerberus 3D scanning gives you access to accurate geometric data to map out your spaces and create digital models of them quickly and cost-effectively.


  • Render accurate digital models of your building interiors and exteriors.

  • Create an immersive view of your facilities, establishment, or features realistically with virtual tours.

  • Eliminate the risks associated with gathering surveying data from dangerous and hard-to-reach areas.

How We Can Help

  • 2D floor plans: Our advanced technology makes floor planning much more manageable. We can scan any 2d floor using point clouds. It's faster and more accurate than the usual method.

  • 3D Rendering exterior/interior: We have 3d reclining exterior and interior facilities that allow us to show the architecture itself and the buildings' surroundings in photorealistic quality. Our technology can measure any plot using a built-in algorithm to exhibit its all-axis measurement.

  • Plot Size: 3d technologies allow us to scan through every point of the surface and the axis. So we can measure the size of any plot accurately.

  • Historic restoration and preservation: Our Laser scanning ability accurately and quickly capture complex shapes and surfaces, which helps us record historic and landmark structures. It allows us to create any virtual or ancient object without touching or modifying the origin. So the client can have the same model or change them as they wish.

  • Topographic map: We also use our technology to create modern topographic maps. Our tech makes elevation contours that create imaginary lines connecting points having the same elevation on the land's surface. It gives us three-dimensional information that helps us to create the map accurately.

  • Existing building Rendering: Three-dimensional scanner can replicate any building model. It creates an actual illustrated model that can be extracted by a 3d printer and modified or recreated. This process even helps to redesign an existing model.

  • High definition surveying: We capture thousands of points every second with a high degree of precision, rather than surveying one point at a time on a single line. It enables us to Engineers/Designers will have simple access to vital data and unique site information, allowing us to make better choices and maximize the value of any project.

  • Equipment Maintenance: We always keep proper maintenance to get the maximum production output and increase its ability. We test our products to their utmost. Our technicians have the necessary knowledge to follow the outlined maintenance procedures. We try to keep our results best and consider the budget fact.

  • Metalworks: Our team is well-versed in metalwork fabrication and brings a wealth of skills and experience to any construction project. Using the latest 3D modelling technology, we aim to fabricate and install accurate metalwork structures consistently.

Wooden House
Image by Moheb Iskander


We utilized Cerberus’ scanning services several times in last few months to assist with the marketing of some of our auction sales. We have very tight turnaround times for our marketing needs and Cerberus was able to get us the 3D Tour of these facilities with 24 hours of taking the initial scans.


But maybe best of all, we have had prospective bidders contact us to comment on how useful this tool was in assisting their evaluations of the equipment they were considering buying. These are compliments that we do not receive very often! We are looking forward to utilizing Cerberus’ new drone technology in the near future as well. I would recommend Cerberus to anyone in need of 3D scanning and Virtual Tour videos.

Jesse Randall, Seven Star Marine Engineering

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