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Upgrade Your Marine Vessels, The Smart Way

Get accurate dimensions of your marine vessels, design equipment and components that cost-effectively keep you at peak performance. 

Detailed. Accurate. Fast

Cerberus 3D Scanning specializes in providing metrology-grade 3D laser scanning solutions across all industries. Our aim is to help you reduce material wastage, shorten your product development life cycles, and cut down on your costs with dimensionally accurate 3D models.

We capture 3D data from complex surfaces, bodies, and hard-to-reach areas with a high level of precision and at fast turnaround times. From reverse engineering services to quality control and part manufacturing, we are your one stop shop for all your 3D scanning and reverse engineering needs.

We utilize the best-in-class laser scanners sourced directly from some of the world's leading manufacturers to digitally capture the shape of your physical objects non-destructively. From handheld to long-range 3D scanners, we own high accuracy equipment for parts, objects, and buildings of all sizes and complexities. In addition, due to the portability of equipment, our 3D scanning services are fully mobile, making it possible for us to come to you wherever you are.

Powered By Next-Generation 3D Laser Scanning Technology

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Our team is ready to help you capture your 3D objects accurately and fabricate your scanned parts as per your requirements. Ready to get started.




Case Studies

Case Studies

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