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Torpedo Bow Fitting

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

A 200 ft motor yacht is fitted with a new torpedo bow to enhance efficiency.

In the winter of 2022, a 200 ft motor yacht was to have a new torpedo bow fitted to enhance its thrusting efficiency. However, the process posed a challenge – determining the cut-out dimensions for the bow shape. Traditionally, one would have to make gigs and frames for all 20 bulkheads the torpedo is welded to. So instead, we provided them with a simple and more cost-effective solution.

We used our tripod 3D laser scanner to scan the hull, reverse engineer the hull shape, and create a 3D model they could use to create C.N.C. templates. As a result, a tedious task that typically takes days to complete and requires lots of manpower was completed by one person within 6 hours.

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